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When job hunting it seems you need to know everything before you even get the job.

It can be difficult sometimes to get your head around  the different formats and templates that you are required to use.  Ultimately these are to assist the recruiters in hiring you by showcasing your best talents in the way they see fit.

Here at the Job Seeker’s Complete Guide we do not write your resume, cv, biodata or cover letter for you. What we do is provide you with the tools and foundations for you to complete each and every one of these elements successfully.

Each one of these tools has been designed to cut down the time you spend between jobs. Whether you are fresh out of college / university, been recently let go or are in desperate need of a career change there is information within these tools that can and will assist you.

Don’t waste time looking on other websites for ‘FREE FILL -IN TEMPLATES’ these are not what recruiters want. But also these resume templates do not explain why you need to complete a resume in a specific way.

These resume templates are not going to stand out.  You are going to do more damage than good by trying to save a couple of dollars.  This is your career and most likely your livelihood that you are dealing with.

You need to weigh up the options – spend $10-30 now on tried and tested formats and templates and get the job and start bringing in an income ($$$) or  you could search around the internet for resume resumestemplates, a sample resume, a cover letter sample or cv examples that don’t give you the right advice or correct information.

You then spend more time with little or no income depending on your circumstances.   Stop trying to take short cuts.

If you are looking for any of the following:

  • Example Resume, Sample Resume
  • How to prepare for telephone interview
  • Interview tips
  • CV Examples
  • Resume Cover Letter
  • Cover letter
  • How to write a cover letter

The Job Seeker’s Complete Guide can assist. We provide you with real examples of resumes. The reasons behind all the different types of resumes and so much more detail.

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